Digital Pocket Refractometer

Digital Pocket Refractometer

Easy and convenient way to measure Brix

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Brix is a measurement system for sugar content of fruits, wine and related products. This measurement is used by inspectors, food industries, vineyards, and growers. For example, a reading of 20 to 25 deg. Brix is generally the optimum degree of grape ripeness at harvest for the majority of table wines. Knowing the proper brix (sugar) concentration is a step in ensuring good quality as well as controlling the correct percentage concentration for cost control.

This compact refractometer offers Brix measurement from 0 to 53.0% with ± 0.2% accuracy. The small sensor area allows measurement of minute samples. Automatic temperature compensation and a large digital display assure you get exact readings every time. Measurements display within seconds. Maintenance is easy – calibrate in seconds, rinse/wipe sample area with water. Operates on two
• Small sensor area allows measurement of minute samples
• Measures Brix from 0 to 53.0% (Accuracy ± 0.2%)
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Large digital display of Brix and temperature
• Operates on two AAA batteries

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