Calcium (Ca2 +) ISE

Calcium Ca+ -Sensing Element PVC Membrane -Range 5 x 10-7 to 1 M / (0.02 to 40,000 ppm)

Ion selective electrodes (ISEs) are sensing systems that are designed to respond selectively to ions in an aqueous solution. When the reference half-cell and the sensing half-cell are combined into the same body housing, they are referred to as a “combination” electrode. ASI’s Combination ISE Electrodes are popular for many applications due to their convenience, affordability and accuracy.

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ISEs typically utilise one of 4 primary sensor types:
Polymer Membrane – This common sensor design incorporates ionophores or other ion exchange agents that are specific to the ion of interest, into an inert matrix such as PVC. A millivolt potential develops at the surface of the membrane and is correlated to the ion concentration. This sensor type is accurate but less durable than some others. Sensors of this type include: Ca2+, BF4- , NO3 – , K+, and Surfactant.

Solid State – These sensors utilise relatively insoluble inorganic salts within a hard pellet or crystalline matrix that allows the detection of specific ion activity. These sensors are both accurate and one of the longest lasting ISE sensor types. They may need to be buffed on occasion to restore performance. Sensors of this type include: Br- , Cd2+, Cl- , CN- , F- , I- , Pb2+, S2 – , Ag2+, and SCN

Gas Sensing – With a gas permeable membrane, an internal buffer solution, and the use of ionic strength adjustors, these sensors are an accurate method to detect ions like NH4+, CO2, NOx and others.

Glass Membrane – Like a pH sensor, these ISEs use a special glass formula to be selective for a specific ion. Na+ is a common parameter for this type of ISE.

Our ISEs (with exception) with the proper Reference Filling Solution, Ionic Strength Adjustor, Calibration Solution, and an Instruction Sheet so the analyst has everything they need to begin their measurements.

To address the design requirements of ion-selective sensor, as well as the needs of analysts, ASI has primary types of combination ISEs:

12 Series – With its refillable double junction reference system, a ceramic pin junction and replaceable sensing modules, this very versatile ISE model offers many of the best features to ensure a long life and affordability.

Sensor: Replaceable
Reference: Refillable, ceramic pin
Construction: PVC/ABS
Parameters: NH4 + , Br – , Cd2 + ,Ca2 + , Cl – , Cu2 + ,CN- , F- , BF4 – , I – ,Pb2 + , NO3 – , NO2 -, K+ , Ag+ , S2 – , Surfactant ,SCN

43 Series – This affordable ISE has a sealed, double-junction reference with a fiber junction. For general purpose measurements it will provide accurate measurements for an extended period.

Sensor: Fixed
Reference: Sealed, Fiber
Construction: PVC, Epoxy
Parameters: NH4+, Br – , Cd2 +,Ca2 + , Cl – , Cu2 + ,CN- , F- , BF4 – , I – ,Pb2 + , NO3 – ,NO2 – , K+ , Ag+ ,S2 – , Na+ ,Surfactant ,SCN

44 Series – This affordable ISE has a refillable, double-junction reference with a porous Teflon junction. For general purpose measurements it will provide accurate measurements and the versatility of different reference filling solutions.

Sensor: Fixed
Reference: Refillable, ceramic pin
Construction: PVC, Epoxy
Parameters: NH4+ , Br – , Cd2 + ,Ca2 + , Cl – , Cu2 + ,CN- , F- , BF4 – , I – ,Pb2 + , NO3 – ,NO2 – , K+ , Ag+ ,S2 – , Na+ ,Surfactant ,SCN

Ordering Information:
CA12-0001 Calcium (Ca2 + ) Series 12
CA43-0001 Calcium (Ca2 + ) Series 43
CA44-0001 Calcium (Ca2 + ) Series 44


Weight 5 kg
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