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TresCon Uno

Reliable • Compact • Economical

The new TresCon® Uno uses a single channel version of our popular multi channel TresCon® Analyzer. The TresCon® Uno instruments are designed for control and monitoring at waste water treatment plants. The compact size of TresCon® Uno at a reasonable price offers to the user a good price-performance-ratio for the measurement of nutrient parameters.

TresCon® Uno consits of a basic unit, an analyzer-module, and a reagent tray. System can be wall mounted.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Economical
  • Easy to Use

Measurable parameters

  • Ammonium 0.05 - 1000mg/l
  • Nitrate 0.10 - 60mg/l
  • Nitrite 0.05 - 1.200 mg/l
  • Orthophosphate range 0.05 - 3.00mg/l
  • Orthophosphate range 0.10 - 10.0mg/l
  • Orthophosphate range 0.10 - 25.0mg/l
  • Nitrate/SAC  0.10 - 60mg/l

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