Torsional Vane Shear Tester

Torsional Vane Shear Tester

To use, place rod tip on reasonably flat soil surface at least 25 mm in diameter, insert vanes into soil, and turn torque head until failure develops. The point at which vanes break free in soil is automatically locked on the dial so you can record soil’s maximum shear value. Divisions on dial are as small as 0.05 kg/cm2, allowing visual interpretation to nearest 0.01 kg/cm2. Three vanes are provided so you can select the kg/cm2 range you need: 1, 0.2 or 2.5.

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Use tester simultaneously with a penetrometer to rapidly evaluate internal friction degree of soil in shear strength or to determine if soil is essentially cohesive. Tester is approximately 3-1/8″L. Two-pocket carrying case with belt loop included.

Case is 8″L x 6″W x 2-1/2″H.

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77299 Torsional Vane Shear Tester

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