Soil Salinity Sensor

The salinity sensor that measures “in place” subsurface pore water salinity content

If you need to monitor the progression of salt build up in soil profiles, or need to see the effects of ‘leaching” sequences, the 5000L Series can do that at specific points in the profile. Only the 5000L sensors give discrete point evaluations of in-situ total dissolved salt contents in the pore waters. Fabricated from proprietary 15 bar porous ceramics, the pore water is measured through the full range of plant growth and remains “saturated” with ambient pore waters from saturated 0 to 1500 kpa Bar matric suction environments.

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With a 4′ long lead, The Model 5000 Salinity Sensor comes calibrated and consists of a pair of electrodes embedded in a fine-textured porous ceramic element. The water saturating the ceramic element remains in chemical equilibrium with the soil. The sensor is spring-loaded to ensure good hydraulic contact between the sensor and the soil.

Constructed of durable acrylic housing and epoxied for years of subsurface use the spring loaded head provides assurances that the sensor is in contact with the soil when deployed. It comes in various lengths, and is used with the 5500 Salinity Bridge shown above.

Ordering Information:
5000L04 IN-SITU SALINITY SENSOR, 4 ft (1.22 m) long, complete, spring loaded type.
5000L10 IN-SITU SALINITY SENSOR, 10ft.(3.05 m) long, complete, spring loaded type.
5000L25 IN-SITU SALINITY SENSOR, 25ft (7.62 m) long, complete, spring loaded type.

Permits independent reading of the resistance of the electrolytic element and of the thermistor in the sensor. Needed for calibration work, for extending the reading range of the sensor, and for measurement of soil temperature.

Weight 2 kg
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