Soil EC Probe

Collect estimates of in situ electrical conductivity

Portable set for salinity measurements up to 1-meter depth. The EC probe consists of a stainless steel bar with 10-cm graduation and detachable handle. The probe has four electrodes each separated by a sealing and insulation ring. Complete with earth resistivity meter, gouge auger and transport bag.

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Salinisation means an increased salt concentration of the soil. The occurrence of salt in rooted soil impedes the water absorption of plants, creating higher osmotic suctions and plant stresses. This in turn leads to a decrease in crop production. Using the 5510KL1 EC-probe and the earth resistivity meter for measurements of the electric conductivity in moist soils proves to be a quick, easy and relatively cheap method to determine the salt content of the soil.

This set is particularly suitable for use in irrigation projects and eco-hydrologic research. The soil salinity / conductivity kit (probe and meter) are sufficient to monitor to a 100 cm (3 feet) depth with the direct push – type probe. 5510 has 3 resistive scales 0-19.9ohms, 20-199.9 ohms, and 200-1900 ohms with 2% accuracy and a response time of 4-8 seconds. The 6 AA size batteries power the unit for up to 1800 readings. Use the supplied gouge auger to pre-core the hole for easy insertion. All measurements are in terms of soil resistivity and then converted to electrical conductivity.

Dimensions: 117 cm L X 27 cm W X 23 cm H
Weight: 7.00 kg

Ordering Information:
EJK 14.01 EC-PROBE 1m depth, complete with probe, carrying case and auger.

Weight 10 kg
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