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McCullough Geo Guide Card and Geotechnical Gauge

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The Geo Guide Card and Geotechnical Gauge provide classification information on a rigid plastic card with lanyard. It includes soil type samples, classification by type, grain size and color.

Easy-to-use geotechnical information.

Make accurate and consistent observations every time! Features include centimetre and inches scale, roundness chart, chart for estimating percentage composition, 6 common Munsell® soil colors, Unified Soil Classification System (USCS), soil compaction tests for clay and sand, and size classification chart with actual sand grains from coarse to silt permanently fused to plastic card. Flexible, waterproof plastic card has nylon string for carrying convenience and measures 5" x 7".

Ordering Information:
McCollough Geo Guide Card and Geotechnical Gauge
504.20 Geo Guide Card