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AMS Soil Recovery Probes

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AMS manufactures two types of Soil Recovery Probes in a variety of sizes. AMS Soil Recovery Probes are excellent tools for taking continuous soil samples from the surface to a 24" depth. AMS Soil Recovery Probes are available in chrome plated 4130 alloy or stainless steel. These probes are manufactured with heat treated, hardened tips to ensure AMS' commitment to quality and durability. For easy removal of retaining cylinders the Soil Recovery Probes features the unique AMS "Reach-&Grab" System. The "Reach-&-Grab" System allows the retaining cylinder to protrude beyond the probe body accommodating removal without handling or disturbing the sample

AMS “Reach-&-Grab”accommodating easy core removal without handling or disturbing the sample.

The AMS Soil Probe is used for surface sampling. It cuts a sample slightly smaller than the inner dimension of the probe to facilitate easy sample removal. Outer dimension of the probe is slightly larger for ease of soil penetration

• Easily take and view soil samples with this probe.
• With added extensions, it is extendable to even greater soil depths.
• Open slot for easy removal of soil sample.
• Thread on cross handle for compact storage.

The probe is made of 4130 alloy steel with hardened tip,& is available with chrome plating. Probes are also available in stainless steel for environmental use. All soil probes come complete with cross handle and are available with optional Slide Hammer attachments. Achievement of greater soil depths may be obtained by combining the AMS Soil Probe with the AMS extensions.

How to use:
Assemble probe using either the supplied Cross Handle or the optional Slide Hammer. Once the probe is assembled, drive it into the soil. Once sampling depth is achieved, retrieve soil sample by pulling back on the Cross Handle or tapping upward with Slide Hammer. Remove sample from probe and place into sample container.

Decontaminate the soil probe and repeat the above or add extension(s) to recover soil samples from the same hole at greater depths.

Includes: Probe body, top cap, cross handle, plastic liner and two plastic end caps.

Ordering Information:

5/8" Threaded, Nickel Plated
424.11 7/8" x 12" Plated SRP
424.15 7/8" x 24" Plated SRP
424.03 1 1/8" x 12" Plated SRP
424.07 1 1/8" x 24" Plated SRP

5/8" Threaded, Stainless Steel
424.45 7/8" x 12" SST SRP
424.47 7/8" x 24" SST SRP
424.41 1 1/8" x 12" SST SRP
424.43 1 1/8" x 24" SST SRP

402.21 7/8" Plunger for SRP
402.22 1 1/8" Plunger for SRP

5/8" Threaded, Nickel Plated Replacement Parts
440.09 7/8" Plated SRP Cap
440.08 1 1/8" Plated SRP Cap

5/8" Stainless Steel Replacement Parts
424.56 7/8" SST SRP Cap
424.57 1 1/8" SST SRP Cap

Plastic Liners
425.07 3/4" X 12" Plastic Liner
425.09 3/4" X 24" Plastic Liner

Stainless Steel Liners
425.15 3/4" X 12" SST Liner
425.16 3/4" X 18" SST Liner