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Gas Powered Core Sampling Kit

The Gas Powered Core Sampling Kit with the Gas Powered REDI Boss Hammer is ideal for obtaining core samples up to a depth of 8’ (2.4m)

The Gas Powered Core Sampling Kit’s Lower & Upper Extensions have male/female (modified acme) heat treated threads. The 4’ Gas Powered Slotted Sampler Tube allows the sampler to be used with or without a plastic liner. If a sample is collected without a plastic liner, the Cleanout Spoon may be used to eject the core sample from the slot.

Also included in the kit are two (2) Lower and two (2) Upper Gas Powered Extensions. Extensions give you the option of creating a 2’ or 4’ sampler. Upon assembly, you will notice two parallel knurl marks on each of the four (4) extensions. When creating a 2’ sampler, the knurl marks should be at the top of the extension. When creating a 4’ sampler, the knurl marks on both extensions should meet at the connection point in the middle of the sampler. Please refer to the expanded photo on the Technical Data Sheet. Properly connecting your extensions with these knurl marks will ensure the proper timing of your plastic liner so there is minimal ‘liner float’ inside the sampler.

Whether you are running a 2’ sampler or a 4’ sampler, there will be times when you need to lower the sampler in an existing borehole in order to collect a core from a deeper interval. This is when you will use the Gas Powered Liner Retainer Coupler. The retainer coupler holds the plastic liner in place inside the ‘lead’ sampler and allows you to add additional sampler extension. After driving your sampler to depth, the Foot Jack is an ergonomic and easy way to remove your sampler. Simply slide the 2” Foot Jack Shackles over the drive head of the sampler and step on the foot pad of the Foot Jack. The Foot Jack Shackles will automatically fall lower on the sampler and grab each time you press down on the foot pad. Please note that if the soil is soft at the surface, it is beneficial to have additional stability underneath the footplate of the Foot Jack to keep it from sinking. Under hard packed soil conditions, sometimes it's necessary to use the JackJaw® or Big Foot Removal Jack as the two jacks have more leverage than the Foot Jack. 

Ordering information  360.01