LaMotte Soil Texture Unit

Texture Test Kit

The overall texture of a soil affects growth in the root zone, which determines the above-ground growth production, and is determined by the fractions of sand, silt, and clay present.

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Included are three calibrated conical tubes with a stand, in addition to dispersing reagent and flocculating reagent that work together to speed settling of finely divided particles.

Instructions explain method for breaking down soil samples into sand, silt and clay fractions. “A Study of Soil Science” provides background information on weathering and its relationship to soil formation. Provides for 50 tests.

Range & Sensitivity Determines sand, silt, & clay fraction, texture determined by chart
Reagent System: Dispersion, Flocculation

Ordering Information:
FS77330 Texture Kit
FS77331 Refill


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