Frozen Soil Powered Auger Kit

No more fussing with galled & seizing threaded connections!

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The AMS Frozen Soil Powered Auger Kit was designed to core through those dreaded frozen soil conditions. The Core Barrel Auger is equipped with carbide cutting teeth that are specifically designed to chew through tough frozen soil and pull relatively undisturbed cores inside the barrel. The inside diameter of the sampler is approx. 2in. The slot length on the core barrel allows you to grab 8” of sample recovery at a time.

The kit utilises the AMS Hex Quick Pin connection system which allows you to quickly connect & disconnect the extensions from the core barrel. Take core samples down to a depth of 3ft.

The kit comes with the core barrel auger, two 1ft. hex quick pin extensions, two threaded/hex quick pin adapters, SDS-Max rotary hammer drill adapter, Idaho spoon clean out tool, SST cleaning brush & one hard side carrying case with foam lining. The kit is designed to work with an SDS-Max rotary hammer drill, but may be adapted to a Tanaka TIA-350PFS Gas Drill for added portability.

Ordering Information:

206.10 Frozen Soil Powered Auger Kit

Frozen Soil Powered Auger Kit Replacement Parts
10142 2-3/8” Earth Core Barrel Auger with Carbide Teeth
214.20 5/8″Threaded Male to SDS Max Drill Adapter
424.62 AMS Small Carrying Case
430.17 2″ x 12″ SST Brush
55647 Idaho Spoon
58508 1-1/4” No.7 threaded to Hex QP Adapter
58509 1′ Hex QP Extension
58510 Hex QP to 5/8″ Female Adapter

Frozen Soil Powered Auger Kit Accessories
10141 2-1/4″ Earth Core Barrel Auger with Carbide Teeth for regular soil conditions
58511 1″ Female Round to Hex QP Gas Drill Adapter
213.78 Tanaka TIA-350PFS Gas Drill
213.89 Bosch 11264EVS Rotary Hammer Drill – 1″ x 5/8″ SDS-Max
213.92 Dewalt D25602K Roto Hammer Drill SDS Max
213.88 Bosch 11245EVS Rotary Hammer Drill

Weight 16 kg
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