Flighted Auger Kits

AMS Flighted Augers enable drilling of a small diameter hole at virtually any angle

The AMS Flighted Auger Kit is what you need when your job calls for fast, accurate drilling of small diameter holes. AMS Flighted Augers enable drilling of a small diameter hole at virtually any angle in suitable soils. They are used with either an electric or gasoline driven drill.

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AMS Flighted Auger and extensions for drilling a 2 inch (5.1cm) x 9ft (2.7m) hole with a Roto-Hammer Drill plus an AMS Core Sampler with Slide Hammer. Included accessories are three, 4 foot (1.2m) Extensions, Roto-Hammer, Drill Adapter, tungsten carbide insert bit and nylon cleaning brush, all contained within an AMS Deluxe storage and transport case.

For your convenience, all of the items necessary for accessing a soil sampling point and then taking the sample are supplied within these kits. The AMS Flighted Auger is the most efficient in terms of effort required and speed.

The AMS Core Sampler is an industry standard for basic, undisturbed soil sampling. The rugged AMS Transport Case is water resistant and is made from glass-filled plastic for a long life. By using specially designed flights and cutting bits with tungsten carbide hardened surfaces on both the bit edges and lead auger flights, the AMS Roto-Hammer driven Flighted Augers are designed to rapidly remove most types of soils. An insert type bit is also included. The Core Sampler features a heat treated coring tip on the cylinder and threaded end cap. All attachment coupling are 5/8″ NC thread.

How to use:
Assemble the Lead Auger with a bit and Roto Hammer with the SDS Max adapter. Place at the desired angle on the soil surface, and proceed with augering. Add auger extensions and repeat until point sampling depth is reached. Raise and lower the auger to clear the hole. Assemble the Core Sampler to an extension(S) and Slide Hammer. Place assembly into the hole and mark the extension 6 inches (5.1cm) above the soil surface. Use the Slide Hammer to drive in the sampler to the mark on the extension, and then carefully remove. Disassemble, remove the liner and place a cap on each end.

Ordering Information:

Flighted Auger Kits
209.61 2″ Flighted Auger Kit
209.10 2″ Flighted Auger Kit w/o Drill

Flighted Auger Kits, Stainless Steel
209.63 2″ SST Flighted Auger Kit
209.13 2″ SST Flighted Auger Kit w/o Drill

Flighted Auger Kit Replacement Parts and Accessories
404.97 1 1/2″ Lead Auger No Tip
405.00 1 1/2″ Lead w/Hard Faced Tip
405.28 1 1/2″ Lead w/ Carbide Tip
404.99 1 1/2″ Hard Surfaced Tip
404.98 1 1/2″ Carbide Tip
405.01 1 1/2″ x 3′ Flighted Extension
213.88 Bosch Electric Hammer Drill
214.20 5/8″ Threaded Male to SDS Max Drill Adapter
405.23 2″ Flighted Lead Auger w/Hard Surfaced Tip
404.96 2″ Flighted Lead Auger No Tip
405.24 2″ x 3′ Flighted Extension
408.03 5/8″ x 4’ Extension
405.26 2″ Carbide Tip
405.25 2″ Hard Surface Tip
404.39 1 1/2″ x 6″ SCS w/Slide Hammer
421.29 Universal Slip Wrench
430.11 1 1/2″ x 12″ Nylon Brush
430.01 AMS Deluxe Carrying Case

Flighted Auger Kit, SST Replacement Parts and Accessories
409.30 1 1/2″ x 3′ SST Flighted Extension
409.34 1 1/2″ SST Tip Only
409.36 2″ SST Flighted Auger Tip
409.32 2″ x 3’ SST Flighted Extension
409.09 5/8″ x 4’ SST Extension
405.26 2″ Carbide Tip
404.64 1 1/2″ x 6″ SST SCS w/Slide Hammer

Cautionary Safety Note:
Powered drills need to be handled carefully to prevent injury. They possess significant power. Also, ensure that clothing and hands are kept away from turning parts. Always wear safety glasses when using any of these kits. Never place the electric drill in reverse to attempt removal of flighted augers, the threaded joints will be loosened. Always check the power cord and connections before use for insulation integrity and power handling capability. Never coil power leads when in use. Always keep dry to prevent possible electric shock.

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