Vaisala GMP343 Carbon Dioxide Probe

GMP343 Carbon Dioxide Probe rugged instrument for ecological measurements.

Diffusion based design – no sampling systems needed. A flow-through model is also available. Vaisala CARBOCAP Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP343 has excellent accuracy and stability. Wide operating temperature and humidity ranges. Compensation options for temperature, pressure, humidity and oxygen. Low power consumption and heat emission. Short warm-up time and compact and light!

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The Vaisala CARBOCAP Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP343 is an accurate and rugged probe-type instrument for ecological measurements.

Typical applications include:
– CO2 soil respiration
– Ambient CO2 monitoring
– Plant growth chambers
– OEM applications

Open Path, Diffusion Aspirated Probe
The product concept eliminates the need for bulky and power-consuming gas sampling systems. The power consumption of the GMP343 itself is low, even below 1 W.

Novel Solution for Soil Respiration Measurements
The use of diffusion aspiration eliminates the measurement error caused by pressure differences often present in pump-aspirated measurement systems.

Rugged Metal Structure
The body of the GMP343 is IP67-classified and suitable for harsh environments. The sensor’s membrane filter protects it from dust and dirt. Heated optics prevent the formation of condensation.

User-Configurable Measurement
The GMP343 can output both numerically filtered and raw measurement data. The instrument can also compensate the measurement with an internal temperature measurement and user-set relative humidity, pressure and oxygen values.

Please read specification sheet and order guide prior to placing an order. Vaisala products are professional grade instruments and have options specific to your application. This information needs to be detailed.

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Weight 5 kg
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