AMS Sub-Slab GVP Kit

Sample for voltile organic and inorganic compounds from beneath floor slabs.

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This kit provides a semi-permanent probe, designed to allow repeated sampling over time in order to assess the potential of contaminated vapour intrusion from beneath buildings and offers an opportunity to collect samples directly beneath the floor slab of a building.

Includes: SST Vapor Shaft with Point, Rubber Shaft Plug, Connectors, Plug, Hose B, Screen, SST Tube 1/4” x 12” x 0.35.”

Ordering Information:

AMS Sub-Slab GVP Kit
52954 Sub-Slab GVP Kit

AMS Sub-Slab GVP Kit Parts
52534 SST Vapor Shaft with Point
52953 Rubber Shaft Plug
413460 Connector
413461 Connector
413462 Plug
413463 Hose B
210.03 Screen
52952 SST Tube 1/4” x 12” x 0.35”

52515 Drive Tip End 5/8” UNF
214.43 SDS Max-Masonry Bit 1” x 16” x 21”
214.44 Spline Masonry Bit 1” x 11” x 16”

Weight 3 kg
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