AMS Fiberglass Auger Kit

Remember to call local utilities for information on buried objects and lines before you dig

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The AMS Fiberglass Auger Kit provides some protection against possible electric shock when working in areas where buried electric cables may be present. The one-piece 48-inch Fiberglass Tile Probe included in the kit is ideal for locating irrigation, power and water lines, and it should be used as a primary device to determine whether or not it is safe to use a hand auger at the sampling location.

Ordering Information
AMS Fiberglass Auger Kit
402.99 3-1/4in Fiberglass Auger Kit

AMS Fiberglass Auger Kit Replacement Parts
409.37 Fiberglass Cross Handle and Extension with Signature Series Connection
402.97 48″ Fiberglass Tile Probe
350.06 3 1/4″ Signature Regular Auger

AMS Fiberglass Auger Kit Accessories
351.54 18″ Signature Rubber Coated Cross Handle
351.56 18″ Signature Ratcheting Cross Handle
409.38 4ft Fiberglass Extension with Signature Series Connections
350.18 3 1/4″ Signature Mud Auger

Weight 6 kg
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