Large Diameter Filter Scavenger

Large Diameter Filter Scavenger for Trenches, Manholes or Open Water

The ORS Large Diameter Filter Scavenger is a high efficiency product recovery system capable of recovering Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL) from water. It can be used in open environments such as manholes, ponds, trenches, open lagoons or large diameter wells up to 20′ deep.

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The ORS Large Diameter Filter Scavenger™ has a floating collection element or “buoy” designed to float precisely at the oil-water interface. This allows hydrocarbons to flow into a collection basin within the unit automatically. This unit is so effective that product layers can be reduced to a sheen.

When approximately one litre of hydrocarbons collects in the buoy base, a float switch is activated, turning the pump on and thus water-free product is automatically pumped into a recovery tank. A water sensing switch is also located within the buoy – should water enter the buoy, a density switch is activated, shutting off the pump and activating an alarm light. This automatic feature prevents recovered hydrocarbons from being contaminated by water.


• Efficiently separates hydrocarbons from water in situ using an oleophilic/hydrophobic membrane
• Intake floats on the water surface and automatically adjusts as water level fluctuates
• Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design
• Portable self-contained design for quick and easy start-up, ideal for emergency response
• Durable construction for harsh field conditions
• Recovers hydrocarbons to a sheen
• Salt water and aromatic hydrocarbon models available.


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