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Keck PRC 90mm Passive Oil Skimmers

The Keck PRC is a passive hydrocarbon recovery skimmer with floating intake that separates and recovers light hydrocarbons from groundwater. The Keck PRC collects floating product down to a sheen that can be emptied through a discharge valve at the bottom of the canister. Oleophilic/Hydrophobic filter buoy recovers product without taking water. Envco carries different passive oil and water separator designs from Keck and ORS. They operate without any power source and are capable of recovering product down to a sheen.

Passive Hydrocarbon Recovery Systems 90mm PRC

Passive skimmers with floating intake that recover light hydrocarbons from groundwater. Hydrophobic buoy recovers product without taking in any water. After being raised to the surface, the reservoir can be emptied through a discharge valve at the bottom of the canister. This completely passive system begins to work as soon as it comes into contact with hydrocarbons. It is ideal for recovering small quantities of product groundwater wells, sumps and trenches. Separation is carried out by a hydrophobic screen that is treated to repel water.

A two piece housing designed to float a separator cartridge on the oil/water surface of a holding vessel. It starts recovering product as soon as it starts floating on the surface with its output hose disconnected.

- Quick fill time about 15 minutes with ample product.
- Protected easy release drain valve.
- Converts to active recovery systems!
- 16" travel buoy with transparent recovery canister.

PRC 4"

1 litre 37.0" L (94cm) x 3.5" OD (9cm)
3 litre 53.0" L (135cm) x 3.5" OD (9cm)
4 litre 60.0" L (152cm) x 3.5" OD (9cm)

1 litre 8.lbs (3.7kg) empty, 9.5lbs (4.3kg) full
3 litre 15.lbs (6.8kg) empty, 19lbs (8.6kg) full
4 litre 16.lbs (8.2kg) empty, 25.5lbs (11.6kg) full

1 litre / .26gal
3 litre / .8gal
4 litre / 1.06gal

Minimum water required
1 litre 18.5" (47cm)
3 litre 35.0" (89cm)
4 litre 43.0" (109cm)

Materials All Stainless steel, brass, and engineered plastics.