Geotech Reclaimer for 50mm Wells

Pneumatic Product Recovery Systems 1.66 Reclaimer

These are positive air displacement pump and pneumatic controller systems designed for hydrocarbon recovery and for leachate and condensate in total fluids applications. Intrinsically safe design approved for hazardous environments. Pumps from 500 feet. Constructed of stainless steel and other corrosive resistant materials for less maintenance. Optional Tank-full shut-off, standard or flanged well caps, and pump cycle counter.

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* Intrinsically safe design, and approved for hazardous environments
* 2″ or larger diameter wells
* Ability to pump from 500′
* Flow rates up to 3 gpm
* Large intake and discharge ports
* Corrosive resistant materials for less maintenance
* Constructed of stainless steel
* PRS Controller can be used in applications under 145 psi, consult Envco for other controller options at higher psi
* Optional tank-full shut-off, standard well caps,flanged well caps, and pump cycle counter

Outside Diameter: 1.66″
Length: 49″
Weight: 5 lbs
Max. Rated Depth: 690 ft.
Min. well ID: 2″
Operating Pressure Range: 10-300
Volume/cycle: 0.38 gal.
Max. Flowrate: 3 gpm
Fittings: Stainless Steel
Fluid Discharge: 1/2″-3/4″
Air Supply: 1/4″-3/8″Min.
Operating Pressure: 10 psi

Ordering Information:

1.66T / 2.17
1.66B / 2.89
1.66D / 2.84


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