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Oxygen Optodes

The AADI Oxygen optode was the first and only to measure dissolved oxygen for years without drift - now it is one of the fastest!

The Oxygen optode is designed to measure absolute oxygen concentration and % saturation. The optode can be used from streams to deep sea, from fish farms to waste water and from polar ice areas to hydrothermal vents.  The lifetime-based luminescence quenching principle offers the following benefits:
•Response time <8 sec (63%)
•High accuracy
•Not stirring sensitive (it consumes no oxygen)
•Lower fouling sensitivity
•Measures absolute oxygen concentrations without repeated calibrations
•Better long-term stability
•Hot water monitoring
•Less affected by pressure
•Not sensitive to H2S
•Not freezing sensitive

Only use 4330F if fast response Oxygen, and/or fast response temperature is needed. The standard sensing foil is protected by an optical isolation layer which makes the foil extra rugged and insensitive to direct sunlight. The fast response sensing foil is not equipped with this layer; ambient light intensity higher than 15000 lux may cause erroneous readings. To avoid potential bleaching the fast response foil shouldbe protected from ambient light when storing the sensor. We recommend the standard foil in applications where fast response time is not needed.

**Please note: All sensors use RS-232 for configuration.


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