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RIMCO RIM 7499 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

The RIMCO RIM - 7499 range of siphon controlled tipping bucket rain gauges are professional instruments designed and constructed for long-term operation with minimal main enance under all climatic conditions. All materials are corrosion  resistant.

These proven instruments are accurate to within 3% across all rainfall rates. RIM - 7499 - STD comes with a lower specification funnel and calibration than the RIM - 7499 - BOM version. The standard version is ultimately the ideal low - cost alternative to the BOM version. The lower cost RIM - 7499 - STD can however, be ordered with the higher specification 1% BOM calibration.
Rain falling on the 203mm collecting funnel is directed through a siphon control unit and discharges as a steady stream into a two compartment bucket mounted in unstable equilibrium. As each compartment fills the bucket tilts alternately about its axis. Each tip forces a contact closure by magnetic means corresponding to 0.2, 0.25 or 0.5mm of rainfall according to bucket capacity. A calibration certificate is supplied with every RIM - 7499 rain gauge.




• Rugged and corrosion resistant construction
• Minimal maintenance, 25 years+ deployment life.
• Low friction, non-seizing bucket bearings
• Gold plated buckets for minimal retention
• Dual Reed switch output
• Stable calibration
• Built-in bubble level
• Optional heater for operation below –30°C
• Optional self-powered internal counter
•Mounting pedestal available


• General meteorology
• Water resources studies
• Hydrology
• Flood warning systems
• Automatic logging systems
• Remote and long term logging deployments



• Collector Diameter 203mm(8’’)±0.2mm
• Resolutions - 0.2mm 0.25mm 0.5mm (0.01” & 0.02” to special order)
• Accuracy ±1% to 200mm/hr. ±3%to 380mm/hr. Useful to over 500mm/hr.
• Contacts Two normally open magnetically actuated reed switch es.Individual protection built-in.
• Reed Switch Rating 50V AC/DC @ 0.5A non-inductive
• Closure Timing 50ms min. 150ms max. Max bounce time 0.75ms up to 500mm/Hr
• Termination Screw termination (2.5mm2)
• Heating Option 12 or 24VAC/DC (48W max) operation with electronic thermostatic control (P/N 7499-TCH). Specify operating voltage at time of order.
• Data Logger Option - Several models available depending on application requirements. Some data loggers may be installed within the body of the rain gauge.
• Height 300 mm
• Body diameter 230mm
• Base diameter 280mm
A rugged mounting pedestal that elevates the collection RIM 1m above ground level (P/N 8000PED1).
• Net weight 5.5kg
• Shipping weight 7.0kg
• Packing carton 330x330x430mm
• Collector - Copper
• Jacket - Stainless Steel
• Base - Cast Marine Grade Aluminum
• Bucket - Gold Plated Brass
• Bridge - Anodized Marine Grade Aluminum
• Switch Holder Delrin®
• Fasteners - Stainless Steel


Ordering Information

1% Accuracy upto 380mm/h

RIM-7499-020-BOM - Rain gauge 0.2mm bucket
RIM-7499-025-BOM - Rain gauge 0.25mm bucket
RIM-7499-050-BOM - Rain gauge 0.5mm bucket
1% Accuracy upto 200mm/h, 3% to 380mm/h
RIM-7499-020-STD - Rain gauge 0.2mm bucket
RIM-7499-025-STD -Rain gauge 0.25mm bucket
RIM-7499-050-STD - Rain gauge 0.5mm bucket