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WeatherTracker Greenhouse Light

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Measure your plants' most important inputs: light exposure and temperature. Also tracks degree days and chill hour data. The WeatherTracker 305 includes a quantum light to measure your plants' light exposure over time (in moles/day). The 305 is a comprehensive tool to assess physiological maturity of your plants.

Greenhouse Light WeatherTracker calculates Growing Degree Days

Three user-activated degree-day memories and one chill hour memory. One-button review of 30 days of values and 12 months of summaries LCD display (updates every 20 seconds) with easy-to-use keypad 9V battery with 8-month life; memory protection in case of power loss.

The internal electronics calculate Growing Degree Days (GDD) for up to three degree day counters. For example, one counter can be activated at planting while another can track the development of insects.

The station also calculates Chill Hours, which is the total amount of hours during which temperatures have been below a specified low temperature. The arrow keys allow you to scroll through the sensor readings, Degree Day/Chill Hour calculations, as well as set your temperature ranges.

WeatherTracker monitors the PAR light available and records it as moles/day.

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3501PAR Model 305 - Greenhouse Tracker