Solvent Pump Foot Operated

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For filling off high-purity liquids. All parts coming into contact with the media are made of stainless steel and PTFE. The barrel screw joint and stopcock provide a hermetic seal between the container and the pump so that unwanted vapours cannot escape during the filling process.

Massive, long-life industrial version.

• Rigid discharge tube or discharge hose with stainless steel/Teflon® stopcock
• Stepless adjustment of immersion tube length to suit barrel depth
• For barrels up to 220 litres
• Suitable for steel drums with R 2″ thread
• Barrel screw joints for commercially available barrels as accessories
• New: Clip connection for fast plugging and unplugging of the air hose
• New: Air filter for extra clean filling available
• New: Also available with discharge hose

When withdrawing flammable liquids, the barrel and pump must be grounded! (Use Anti-static set)

Ordering Information:

Solvent Pump Foot operated
5603-1100 Pump capacity 30 l/min, Connection thread 50 mm

Foot pump for solvents with discharge hose
5603-3000 Pump capacity 30 l/min, Connection thread 50 mm

0600-1003 Barrel screw joint DIN 71 inner thread 2”
0600-2001 Adapter for external thread
5602-1000 Anti-static set

Weight 5 kg
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