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PumpMaster Container and Barrel Pump

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Flexible, for universal use

PumpMaster container pumps are designed for fast and clean emptying of canisters and small barrels. Excess pressure is generated using the piston hand pump, which pushes the liquid out of the container. Pump capacity approx. 9 l/min. The sensitive discharge control valve allows even small amounts of liquid to be discharged.

PumpMaster is mounted on the container using a flexible stopper with a variable and adjustable diameter. No special thread adapters are required.

PumpMaster fits all commercial container openings from 49.5mm to 60mm diameter. The immersion tube has a length of 95cm. Depending on the size of the container it can be shortened if necessary.

Immersion tube length 950 mm
Type red for non-aggressive liquids
Type blue for petrochemical liquids

Ordering Information:

PumpMaster container and barrel pump, complete with 3 stoppers
5202-2000 PumpMaster, Materials PP/EPDM
5202-3000 PumpMaster, Materials PP/Nitrile rubber