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Pump-it® Container Pump

If you cannot find the part number in the documentation please provide detail. Specific to this item, it could include part number or application detail, (ex. 20 meters of cable, or 20 litres of volume)

Robust, easy to handle

Pump-it® canister pumps are designed for emptying canisters and small barrels up to 60 L rapidly and cleanly. The hand pump is used to create an overpressure that forces the liquid out of the canister.

Pump-it® is suitable for weak acids, bases and petrochemicals.

Not suitable for hydrochloric acid!

• Medium-contacting parts made of PP, PE and Viton®
• For liquids with a viscosity of up to 500 mPas at 20 °C
• Pump thread fits container thread 64 mm dia. (BSI)
• Exact dosage, no drips
• Container completely emptied thanks to stepless length adjustment of immersion tube
• Thread adapters for all standard barrel threads are available
• Thread adapter set containing:
• 2" thread Tri-Sure®
• 2" fine thread steel drum
• 2" thread, Mauser L-ring
• DIN 60, Mauser Fasset
• DIN51

Ordering Information:

Solvent Pump Foot operated
5201-1000Pump capacity 30 l/min, Connection thread 50 mm

Pump-it® Container Pump (without thread adapter)
5603-3000 Pump capacity 8 l/min, Materials PP/Viton®

Adapter for internal thread
0600-3004 Adapter for internal thread 50mm thread, Mauser L-Ring
0600-3002 Adapter for internal thread 50mm thread, Tri-Sure
0600-3003 Adapter for internal thread 50mm fine thread, steel drum