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Gas-Tight Barrel Pump PP

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Vapour-Free Filling
With normal pumps the escape of vapours into the atmosphere cannot be avoided. The gas-shuttle method avoids this. Any vapours produced are returned from the container to be filled to the original container via the gas-shuttle pipe.

The gas pipe and the liquid pipe are additionally provided with stopcocks.

Gas-tight pumps are used for strongly smelling substances such as ammonia.

Liquid is pumped in a closed system (blue). Vapours are returned to the container via the gas-shuttle pipe (pink).

The universal adapter prevents leaking and fits container openings of 30 – 70 mm diameter.

The container screw joints can be screwed into the container using 3/4" thread and the lock nut.

• Parts in contact with the liquid are made of PP and soft PVC (hose)
• Stepless extendible telescopic tube for barrel depths of 40 – 67 cm
• Pumping capacity approx. 200 ml per stroke
• Two adapters for original container

Ordering Information:

PP Gas-tight Barrel pump
5610-1030 Type with Universal adapter 30-70 mm Ø
5610-1040 Type with 2 screw joint adapters 3/4" with lock nuts