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AkkuPump Innova

If you cannot find the part number in the documentation please provide detail. Specific to this item, it could include part number or application detail, (ex. 20 meters of cable, or 20 litres of volume)

The AkkuPump innova universal pump is designed for applications in which small amounts of liquid are to be filled off. Safe, easy, rapid and accurate dosage – even in small containers with narrow openings.

The AkkuPump innova is quiet-running and the thumb wheel can be used to set the pump capacity steplessly from a few drops up to 260 litres per hour.

Comes with either a rigid discharge tube or flexible discharge hose with filler pistol - it's your choice. Three pump mechanisms guarantee that the contents of barrels up to a capacity of 220 litres can be withdrawn.

The drive motor can be quickly removed from the pump mechanism for use with other stationary pump mechanisms, and the battery can be placed in the battery charger (wall mounted) at any time.

The AkkuPump innova is made of polypropylene with a Hastelloy C shaft; both are outstanding materials with very good chemical resistance. This means it can be used with a wide range of liquids, even aggressive ones.

Not suitable, however, for highly flammable liquids.

• Pump mechanism made of polypropylene with Hastelloy C shaft
• With rigid PP discharge tube
• Flexible soft PVC discharge hose (1.2 m)
• Connection 3/4" thread
• 9.6 V battery and battery charger for 230 V mains supply
• Rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery without memory effect
• Pump capacity up to 260 l/h
• Maximum delivery height 6.5 m
• For viscous media up to 200 mPas
• Immersion tube length 50 cm, 70 cm or 100 cm, diameter 25 mm
• The "lightweight" weighs only 990 grams
• Drive motor can be quickly removed from pump mechanism for use with other pump mechanisms
• Stepless pump capacity adjustment
• Battery capacity sufficient for one 200 litre drum
• Thread adapters for secure attachment to all standard containers

Ordering Information:

AkkuPump innova with rigid discharge tube and charger for 230 V
5731-1050 500mm Immersion tube length
5731-1070 700mm Immersion tube length
5731-1100 1000mm Immersion tube length

AkkuPump innova with hose with filler pistol and charger for 230 V
5731-2050 500mm Immersion tube length
5731-2070 700mm Immersion tube length
5731-2100 1000mm Immersion tube length

5731-0020 Motor w/rechargeable battery + charger
5731-0030 Discharge tube, length 20 cm
5731-0035 Discharge hose with stopcock
5731-0050 Pump mechanism only 500 mm
5731-0070 Pump mechanism only 700 mm
5731-0100 Pump mechanism only 1000 mm
5618-0100 Safety stand
5690-0090 Universal barrel wrench
5600-3130 Barrel screw joint R2", internal steel-barrel thread
5600-3140 Barrel bolt connection for container openings 59,5 mm
5600-3150 PVC barrel plug, for 40-70 mm opening diameter
5600-3170 Barrel screw joint, Mauser 2, internal coarse thread
5600-3180 Barrel screw joints, Tri-Sure®, coarse thread, internal