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Pigment Lance

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For pigments and pastes and agglomerating bulk goods.

Two models are available
With half-open flute 50 % for slightly adhesive products
With one-quarter-open flute 25 % for less adhesive products

1. Insert the lance to the desired depth.
2. Turn handle. The sample is collected in the open flute.
3. Withdraw the lance.
4. Remove the sample.

Pigment lance

Ordering Information:
Pigment lance Diameter 30 mm Material V4A
5369-0300 Volume 145ml Flute opening 25%Length 300 mm
5369-0310 Volume 85 ml Flute opening 50% Length 300 mm
5369-0600 Volume 312 ml Flute opening 25% Length 600 mm
5369-0610 Volume 179 ml Flute opening 50% Length 600 mm
5369-0900 Volume 480 ml Flute opening 25% Length 900 mm
5369-0910 Volume 273 ml Flute opening 50% Length 900 mm