UniSampler “Ex”

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Developed for sampling flammable liquids of hazardous materials VbF Hazard Class AI (VbF is the German Regulation concerning Flammable Liquids), in co-operation with the quality association Tankschutz e.V. (non-profit association for tank protection).

Glass bottle and hose are connected in such a way that they conduct electricity and are grounded via a grounding cable.


1. Ground the device
2. Immerse the suction hose to the required depth
3. Attach the adapter to the sampling bottle
4. Generate a vacuum with the manual pump and collect the sample
5. Remove the filled sampling bottle, close it and label it.

• Complete with 4 m hose, glass bottle 1000 ml, vacuum pump, grounding cable and hose-weight, in transport case
• PTB approval D-333-009 618/00
• Delivery complete with 4 m hose, glass bottle, vacuum pump and grounding cable in transport case

Ordering Information:
5314-3000 UniSampler “Ex”

5314-0100 Sampling bottle made of borosilicate glass 1000 ml with cap (GL 45)

Weight 5 kg
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