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Greenspan pH Sensors PH 100

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Greenspan pH Sensors provide highly accurate pH readings independent of temperature. The proven gel-filled double junction sensor tolerates rough handling while maintaining long term accuracy. Coupled with robust construction and a fully submersible design, the sensors provide excellent performance in a wide range of demanding measurement applications.

Greenspan pH Sensors pH100 4-20mA Output

The Greenspan Analytical pH Sensors are versatile instruments offering superior features to provide unparalleled reliability while tolerating rough treatment in the tough environments where they are deployed.

• STP aeration tanks
• Borehole observations
• Tidal and estuarine studies
• Effluent monitoring
• River and stream measurements

Range 0-14 pH
Resolution 0.001 pH
Accuracy 0.2 pH
Temperature range 0-50C
Temperature compensation 0-50C
Sensor type Gel-filled Ag/AgCI reference

pH 100 Output 4-20mA 3 wire
Supply voltage 8-15V Reverse polarity protected-Surge protected to 2kV
Warm up time to stable reading 2 secs

Wetted materials 316 stainless steel, Delrin
Dimensions length 9.3in (235mm)
OD 1.3in (32mm) Stainless
OD 1.5in (38mm) Delrin
Weight 8.5oz (240g) Delrin
9.5oz (270g) Stainless

Ordering Information
Specify Stainless or Delrin body
700-0902 pH100 Output 4 - 20mA, Bare Wire Connection as Standard
Specify Cable Length

If choosing moulded cable, a standard HS7 is fitted to this sensor.

Options for pH Sensors
FOR ALL PH SENSORS Optional WP7 Connector (Note a Detachable WP7 Cable will be required as well)