Water Suction & Delivery Hose

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Heavy duty mandrell built water suction and discharge hose. Used in pumping applications where rugged hard wearing hoses are required.

Min Working Temp (C): -20
Max Working Temp (C): +80
Tube Material: Rubber
Reinforcement: Two Layered Synthetic Braid / Steel Wire Helix
Cover Material: Rubber
Material: Rubber

Ordering Information:
20 Metre Rolls
Working Pressure 150 psi, Burst Pressure 450 psi
Z111-019 – ID 19mm, OD 26mm
Z111-022 – ID 22mm, OD 29mm
Z111-025 – ID 25mm, OD 32mm
Z111-032 – ID 32mm, OD 40mm
Z111-038 – ID 38mm, OD 46mm
Z111-044 – ID 44mm, OD 53mm
Z111-051 – ID 51mm, OD 59mm

20 Metre Roll
Working Pressure 75 psi, Burst Pressure 225 psi
Z111-057 – ID 57mm, OD 66mm
Z111-064 – ID 64mm, OD 72 mm
Z111-070 – ID 70mm, OD 85 mm
Z111-076 – ID 76mm, OD 90mm
Z111-089 – ID 89mm, OD 99mm
Z111-100 – ID 100mm, OD 112mm
Z111-127 – ID 127mm, OD 137mm
Z111-152 – ID 152mm, OD 164mm

10 Metre Roll
Z111-200 – ID 200mm, OD 215mm

Weight 30 kg
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