Helispring Non-Toxic

Clear transparent PVC wall, reinforced with steel spiral.

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Helispring 17009

Ideal for use in vacuum pumps, agricultural machines, water irrigation, shipyards, chemical plants, vacuum trucks and also suitable for suction of foodstuffs and potable water.

Offers excellent resistance to pressure/crushing and high levels of vacuum, clear visible flow and glass smooth interior to reduce material build up and prevent contamination.

Petzetakis PVC Hoses
Min Working Temp (C):-15
Max Working Temp (C):+65
Tube Material: Transparent PVC
Reinforcement: Steel Spiral

Ordering Information:
Sold in 10 metre rolls
17009-013 ID Size (mm) 13
17009-016 ID Size (mm) 16
17009-019 ID Size (mm) 19
17009-025 ID Size (mm) 25
17009-032 ID Size (mm) 32
17009-038 ID Size (mm) 38
17009-051 ID Size (mm) 51
17009-063 ID Size (mm) 63
17009-075 ID Size (mm) 75
17009-100 ID Size (mm) 100
17009-125 ID Size (mm) 125
17009-150 ID Size (mm) 150

Weight 15 kg
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