Gates Premoflex Red

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Recommended for air, water, petroleum oils, petrol, kerosene and fuel oil (to 49 degrees C), and lubricating oils.

Excellent weather and ozone resistance. Non-conductive at 1,000 volts D.C.

Min Working Temp (C): -40
Max Working Temp (C): +100
Tube Material: Black C Nitrile Rubber (RMA Class A)
Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile cord
Cover Material: C2Modified Nitrile Rubber (RMA Class B)
Material: Rubber

Working Pressure 250psi.

Ordering Information:
20 Metre Rolls
3205-0015 – ID 6mm, OD12mm, Vacuum 762mmHg
3205-0020 – ID 8mm, OD 16mm, Vacuum 762mmHg
3205-0025 – ID 10mm, OD 17mm, Vacuum 508mmHg
3205-0030 – ID 13mm, OD 21mm, Vacuum 635mmHg
3205-0036 – ID 16mm, OD 25mm, Vacuum 508mmHg
3205-0040 – ID 19mm, OD 29mm, Vacuum 508mmHg
3205-0046 – ID 25mm, OD 37mm, Vacuum 254mmHg
3205-0050 – ID 32mm, OD 44mm, Vacuum 254mmHg
3205-0055 – ID 38mm, OD 50mm, Vacuum 254mmHg

Weight 20 kg
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