Gates 4219G Fuel Line

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Recommended for fuel line applications to provide flexible connections between rigid fuel distribution lines and the engine. Also for use in evaporative emission control systems and as a vent line. Exceeds requirements of SAE30R6 and R7.

Min Working Temp (C): -40
Max Working Temp (C): +125
Tube Material: Black C Nitrile Rubber
Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile cord
Cover Material: Black C2NBR/PVC

Material: Rubber

Ordering Information:
Working Pressure 50psi, Suction 610mmHg
4219-0093 – ID 4.8mm, OD 10mm
4219-0103 – ID 6mm, OD 12mm
4219-0104 – ID 6.3mm, OD 13mm
4219-0107 – ID 8mm, OD 14.2mm
4219-0109 – ID 10mm, OD 15.7mm

Working Pressure 35psi, Suction 254mmHg
4219-0102 – ID 13mm, OD 19.8mm
4219-0097 – ID 16mm, OD 23.9mm

20 Meter Rolls

Weight 15 kg
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