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Gates 4219G Fuel Line

If you cannot find the part number in the documentation please provide detail. Specific to this item, it could include part number or application detail, (ex. 20 meters of cable, or 20 litres of volume)

Recommended for fuel line applications to provide flexible connections between rigid fuel distribution lines and the engine. Also for use in evaporative emission control systems and as a vent line. Exceeds requirements of SAE30R6 and R7.

Min Working Temp (C): -40
Max Working Temp (C): +125
Tube Material: Black C Nitrile Rubber
Reinforcement: Synthetic, high tensile cord
Cover Material: Black C2NBR/PVC

Material: Rubber

Ordering Information:
Working Pressure 50psi, Suction 610mmHg
4219-0093 - ID 4.8mm, OD 10mm
4219-0103 - ID 6mm, OD 12mm
4219-0104 - ID 6.3mm, OD 13mm
4219-0107 - ID 8mm, OD 14.2mm
4219-0109 - ID 10mm, OD 15.7mm

Working Pressure 35psi, Suction 254mmHg
4219-0102 - ID 13mm, OD 19.8mm
4219-0097 - ID 16mm, OD 23.9mm

20 Meter Rolls