Paint Spray/Pesticide Assembled Respirator

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Your face never had it so comfortable.
Everything the user will need for oil-free agricultural pesticides and spray painting-respirator, face-piece, organic vapour cartridges, and pre-filters-packed in a bucket with FREE hearing protection.

The Moldex® 8000 Series Respirator is made of soft durable material that conforms to the contours of your face. It seals comfortably and remains sealed, even while talking.

The face-piece and filters feature a low profile design that ensures excellent vision, and allows protective eyewear to be worn. The 8000 Series Respirator weighs less than other half-masks, and with the weight distributed evenly, there are no pressure points.

The 8000 was designed to be low maintenance. No inhalation valves to stock. Every snap-on cartridge comes with a new inhalation valve already installed. No gaskets and no yoke to worry about either.

Paint spray and pesticide applications which are oil-free.

• 100% PVC-Free.
• Available in small, medium, and large.

Ordering Information:
8111N – Assembled Respirator, Small, 1 per Bag
8112N – Assembled Respirator, Medium, 1 per Bag
8113N – Assembled Respirator, Large, 1 per Bag





Weight 2 kg
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