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Premium Nitrile Gloves

If you cannot find the part number in the documentation please provide detail. Specific to this item, it could include part number or application detail, (ex. 20 meters of cable, or 20 litres of volume)

• Non-sterile, ambidextrous, single use.
• 100% nitrile rubber. Latex protein free.
• Non slip textured finish.

Available in low powder for easy donning or powder free. Five times stronger than latex, these gloves are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Beaded cuff for added strength (less likely to tear when donning).

Ordering Information:

Low Powder
NT001 - Small, Box of 100
NT002 - Medium, Box of 100
NT003 - Large, Box of 100
NT004 - X-Large, Box of 100

Powder Free
NT005 - Small, Box of 100
NT006 - Medium, Box of 100
NT007 - Large, Box of 100
NT008 - X-Large, Box of 100

Black Dragon Gloves
NTBS - Black Dragon Nitrile- Small, Box of 1000
NTBM - Black Dragon Nitrile- Medium, Box of 1000
NTBL - Black Dragon Nitrile- Large, Box of 1000
NTBXL - Black Dragon Nitrile- X-Large, Box of 1000
NTB2XL - Black Dragon Nitrile- 2-XL, Box of 1000

5 Box minimum without additional items ordered.