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Air Cadet Portable Vacuum/Pressure Station

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This pump is designed for portability and versatility with a tough, lightweight plastic housing and integral carrying handle. The long wearing motor delivers performance characteristics suitable for a wide range of applications.

o Air/gas sampling
o Pressure/vacuum filtration
o Lab science stations
o Pneumatic controls
o Precious metal recovery
o Process control
o Nebulisers
o Chromatography
o Corrosive gases
o Gas analysers
o Power burners
o Suction units
o Computer peripheral equipment
o Circulating/aerating equipment
o Analysis instrumentation
o Optical equipment
o Flame photometry
o Environmental safety monitoring
o Inhalation apparatus
o PC board flux foamer

Features / Benefits:
• Vacuum to 21.3" Hg
• Pressure to 35 psi intermittent; 10 psi continuous
• Free-air capacity 0.39 cfm
• No vacuum oil required
• Quiet operation
• Portable with moulded carrying handle
• On/off switch
• Low-friction piston motor
• UL and CSA listed for 115 VAC, 60 Hz model
• CE approved for 230 VAC, 50 Hz model
• Supplied with 6-ft power cord. 115 VAC model has U.S. standard plug; 230 VAC model has European-style plug.
• Convenient power cord compartment

Port size: 1⁄4" hose barb
Motor: 1⁄25 hp, shaded-pole
Dimensions: 75⁄8"L x 41⁄2"W x 71⁄2"H
Wetted parts: glass-filled polyester piston cup retainer and head, Ryton® cylinder sleeve, Viton valves, PTFE piston cup, silicone tubing, and Delrin® fittings

Ordering Information:
400-3910 - 0.39 cfm (11 L/min) 115 VAC, 60 Hz
400-3912 - 0.32cfm (9.2 L/min) 230 VAC, 50 Hz