Calibration and Maintenance Solutions

Calibration and Maintenance Solutions

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of buffer and maintenance solutions. Expensive equipment is often utilised well below its full capabilities due to the lack of proper maintenance of the sensors. This is no longer a problem. All solutions are produced against instruments calibrated by high purity NIST Standard reference material. Due to the sheer volume of solutions produced, the quantity of chemicals used provides a much better resolution than if small volumes were prepared by a laboratory technician.

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In many labs, buffer solutions are often prepared from capsules, tablets and chemical powders presuming that they are more accurate and less expensive when “freshly” made. This, however, does not correspond to reality, since the quality of the buffers depends on the quality and weight of the chemicals and distilled water as well as many other factors such as temperature control and the instrumentation used for their preparation.

Buffers are prepared with analytical grade chemicals under the stringent ISO 9002 regulations in a clean laboratory environment and using high-tech reference material. pH buffers are certified to ±0.01 accuracy at 25°C and carry individual expiration dates. Solutions are supplied in FDA approved amber bottles which are impervious to direct light.

Last but not least, it comes as a pleasant surprise to know that solutions often cost less than “freshly” prepared buffers!
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pH 4.01 Buffer Solution
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pH 10.01 Buffer Solution
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