Air Cadet Dual-head Vacuum and Pressure Pump

Air Cadet Pumps offer versatility in either lab or field work.

Dual-head pump offers you increased capacity over the single-head Air Cadet pump. Use the two pump heads independently or connect them in series with 3⁄8″ ID Tygon® vacuum tubing for up to 23″ Hg vacuum.

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o Air/gas sampling
o Pressure/vacuum filtration
o Lab science stations
o Pneumatic controls
o Precious metal recovery
o Process control
o Nebulisers
o Chromatography
o Corrosive gases
o Gas analysers
o Power burners
o Suction units
o Computer peripheral equipment
o Circulating/aerating equipment
o Analysis instrumentation
o Optical equipment
o Flame photometry
o Environmental safety monitoring
o Inhalation apparatus
o PC board flux foamer

Pumps are available with standard 115 or 230 VAC motor; or a hazardous-duty, 115 VAC motor. Standard AC motors are service-free, brush-less type with sealed ball bearings and thermal overload protection.

Max Vacuum: 20″ Hg
Max Pressure: 18 PSI
Motor Type: 1/45 hp TEFC
Noise Rating: 76 dB(A)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.5″ x 4″ x 5.5″
Shipping Weight: 8 lb (3.7 kg)

Features / Benefits:
• Compact size makes pumps ideal for portable applications.
• All-plastic, convoluted diaphragm design handles many vacuum/pressure applications and reduces stress, wear, and heat build-up.
• Unique cavity configuration minimises dead space and air entrapment.
• Choose from single-head, dual-head, vacuum/pressure station, or hazardous-duty pump depending on your application.

Ordering Information: – Please Specify 115 VAC or 230VAC
400-2901 – 0.9 cfm (25.5 L/min)
7530-65 – 0.8 cfm (22.6 L/min)

What’s included: thread tape made of Teflon PTFE resin, four polyethylene 3⁄8″ NPT(M) x 3⁄8″ hose barb adapters, and a 6-ft, three-wire cord with plug. Note: Do not use metal fittings with any Air Cadet pump.


Weight 5 kg
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