HydroMace 3000 Datalogger

HydroMace 3000 offers all the flow monitoring capabilities of Mace flow meters with the input option for environmental monitoring

The HydroMace 3000 continues the long heritage established by MACE over 40 years ago for remote data logging and telemetry. With a fully integrated data logger, solar regulator and battery housed in one rugged weatherproof enclosure, the HydroMace 3000 is built to withstand the harshest of environments. Furthermore, the tradition of the HydroMace is continued by the ability to plug ‘n’ play just about any environmental sensor. With the license-free point ‘n’ click FloCom+ configuration software, no proprietary coding knowledge is required to get the HydroMace 3000 going in record time! Furthermore, with the optional FloSI telemetry interface, critical information can be sent wherever it is needed most.

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Low Cost of ownership
• Economical to purchase and install
• Integrated all-in-one package
Flexible monitoring and control
• Standard I/O card supports seven sensor inputs and four outputs
• Expandable to five I/O cards
• Automated sensor power management
• Multi-channel data logging
Quick and Painless Configuration
• Easy point ‘n’ click channel configuration and calibration
• No proprietary coding knowledge required
• Weir and flume lookup table supports all major types
Telemetry ready
• ModBus
• SDI-12

The electronics module is the central processing unit of the HydroMace 3000. It includes the enclosure, battery and circuit boards that control the device. On the front of the HydroMace 3000, a backlit liquid crystal display (LCD) allows the user an on-site readout of parameter values and status messages. Pressing either membrane switch will turn on the LCD. The membrane switches can be used to scroll the display between the various parameters being measured. A serial communications port is located on the bottom face of the main enclosure.

Perfect for Applicaitons like;
• Aquaculture Monitoring
• Flow Measurement
• Sewer Wet Well Monitoring
• Flume/Weir Monitoring
• Water Quality Monitoring
• Rainfall monitoring
• Industrial Monitoring
• Weather Station Monitoring

The HydroMace 3000 contains in-built equations for allowing users to measure flow rate through rated structures such as flumes and weirs.

All of the weir equations assume that the flow is fully contracted, meaning that the approach channel is wide enough and deep enough that the proximity of the floor and sidewalls to the weir opening does not affect the flow (Tony L. Wahl, Bureau of Reclamation Hydraulics Laboratory in Denver, Colorado, USA).

Ordering Information
850-337 MACE FloSeries3 – HydroMace 3000 Environmental Data Logger/Controller

Flow Sensors
2″ NPT Stainless Steel
850-117 10m [33ft]
850-118 20m [66ft]
850-135 30m [99ft]
2″ BSP Stainless Steel
850-129 10m [33ft]
850-130 20m [66ft]
850-131 30m [99ft]
2″ NPT Nickel Plated Brass
850-112 10m [33ft]
850-116 20m [66ft]
850-133 30m [99ft]
2″ BSP Nickel Plated Brass
850-009 10m [33ft]
850-016 20m [66ft]
850-127 30m [99ft]

Flow Sensor Mounts
850-344 Polypropylene Plate works for 225mm (9″) to 810mm (33″)
Adjustable Strap
850-110 225-300 mm (9-12″)
850-120 300-450mm(12-18″)
850-324 450-625mm (18-25″)
850-325 600-725mm (17-29″)
850-326 700-810mm (28-33″)

Add-on (expansion) Modules
891-300 FloSeries3 – PC Communications Cable for AgriFlo/FloPro/HM3000
850-328 Doppler Module – 1 per Extra Doppler Sensor for AgriFlo (2) & FloPro (3)
850-329 I/O Module – Extra A/D I/O for FloPro (3) & HM3000 (4)
850-330 FloSI Module – Modbus/SDI-12/ASCII Output for AgriFlo/FloPro/HM3000 (1)
850-341 MACE EchoFlo – Ultrasonic Depth Sensor – 1.25m for FloPro & HM3000
850-343 MACE EchoFlo – Ultrasonic Depth Sensor – 2.5m for FloPro & HM3000

Mounting Options
850-302 Mounting Kit – Pole & Solar for AgriFlo/FloPro/HM3000
850-301 Mounting Kit – Pole only for AgriFlo/FloPro/HM3000

Power Supply
814-017 MACE Solar Panel – 12Volt 5Watt
850-323 MACE FloSeries3 – 110-240V Power Supply (24V 2A)




Weight 8 kg
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