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DL-6 Data Logger

The DL-6 measurement and control datalogger is our first multipurpose datalogger capable of doing static vibrating-wire measurements. Designed to be a powerful core component for your data-acquisition system, the DL-6 offers a wide variety of features including improved analog input accuracy and resolution, faster communications and low power requirements. The DL-6 also introduces our new universal (U) terminal — an ingenious way for allowing virtually any sensor (analog, digital, or smart) to be connected to any U terminal.

One Data Logger, Countless Applications .

But that’s just the beginning of what the DL6 data logger has to offer:

  • Save money and space with the DL-6’s integrated Ethernet port.
  • Elimate wring headaches through the removable terminal blocks.
  • Setup easily with PC software, USB, and ethernet connectivity. The DL-6 Series is internet ready.
  • Ease your mind with knowledge of the integral surge and ESD protection
  • Perform automated monitoring of most hydrological, meteorological, environmental and industrial sensors, on-site or remotely for control and M2M communications.


General Specifications

CPU - 32 bit with hardware FPU, running at 100 MHz
Internal Memory - 128 MB flash and 4 MB battery-backed SRAM
Clock Accuracy - ±3 min per year, optional GPS correction to 10 μs
Connection -  USB micro B for direct connection to PC (limited power source during configuration), 2.0 full speed, 12 Mbps
RS-232 for connecting RS-232 modems or serial sensors
CS I/O Port for connection to modems and displays
10/100 Ethernet RJ45 for LAN connection
Battery - Battery Terminal Pair (-BAT+) for regulated 12 V power input or rechargeable 12 V VRLA for UPS mode
Charge - Charge Terminal Pair for 16 to 32 V from dc power converter or 12 or 24 V solar panel
Universal (U) Terminals - Twelve Universal (U) Terminals are software configurable for analog or digital functions
Analog functions consist of:
•Analog inputs: 12 single-ended or 6 differential with ±5000 mV, ±1000 mV, ±200 mV ranges 24 bit ADC
•Analog outputs: ±2.5 V or ±2.5 mA ranges for bridge measurements 12 bit DAC
•Static frequency-analyzed vibrating wire: terminal pair both excites to 12 V p-p and 100 Hz to 6.5 kHz and reads vibrating-wire transducers using patented spectral-analysis technology (VSPECTTM)
•Thermistor: completion resistor internal 5 kΩ
•Period average: up to 200 kHz, amplitude dependent
Digital I/O functions consist of 5 V or 3.3 V logic levels for:
•General status/control
•Voltage source: 5 V, 3.3 V, 20 mA @ 3.5 V
•Low level ac: up to 20 kHz, amplitude dependent
•Switch closure (150 Hz) or high frequency counter (1 MHz)
•Pulse width modulation
•Interrupts and timer input
•SDI-12 and SDM
•Serial asynchronous communication Tx/Rx pairs
Output - Two switched 12 V terminals for powering sensors or communication devices, 1100 mA @ 20°C; One continuous 12 V terminal
Control C Terminals - Four Control (C) Terminals are software configurable for digital functions Digital I/O functions consist of 5 or 3.3 V logic levels (refer to list under Universal (U) Terminals)
Analog Accuracy - ±(0.04% of reading + 2 μV), 0° to 40°C
Effective Resolution - 50 nV (±200 mV range, differential measurement, input reversal, 5 Hz fN1)
Weight - 0.42 kg (0.92 lb)
Dimensions - 21 cm x 10.2 x 5.7 cm (8.3 in x 4.0 x 2.2 in)
Operating - Temperature Range
Standard: -40° to +70°C
Extended: -55° to +85°C (not available for communication options)