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DL-300 Series Data Loggers

YSI’s DL-300 Series are multi-purpose, compact, low-cost measurement and control data loggers. Designed to concentrate data, these entry-level data loggers make data available over varied networks and deliver the data using your preferred protocol. Its small size and low-cost make it ideal for small applications requiring long-term monitoring and control. The DL-310 is longer than the DL-300 and includes an integrated 10/100 Ethernet port and removable terminal connectors.

Compact Design. Big Results .

But that’s just the beginning of what the DL-300 Series has to offer:
  • Save money and space with the DL-310’s integrated Ethernet port.
  • Elimate wring headaches through the DL-310’s removable terminal blocks.
  • Setup easily with PC software, USB, and ethernet connectivity. The DL-300 Series is internet ready—Email, FTP, HTTP/Web, TCP.
  • Ease your mind with knowledge of the integral surge and ESD protection.
  • Perform automated monitoring of most hydrological, meteorological, environmental and industrial sensors, on-site or remotely for control and M2M communications.

General Specifications

CPU - ARM Cortex M4, running at 144 MHz
Internal Memory - 30 MB flash for data storage, 80 MB flash for CPU drive / programs, 2 MB flash for operating system
Clock Accuracy - ±1 min per month
Connection - USB micro B - for direct connection to PC (limited power source during configuration), 2.0 full speed, 12 Mbps
RS-232 - for connecting RS-232 modems or serial sensors
10/100 Ethernet RJ45 - for LAN connection (DL-310 only)
Battery - Battery Terminal Pair (-BAT+) for regulated 12 V power input or rechargeable 12 V VRLA for UPS mode
Charge - Charge Terminal Pair (-CHG+) for 16 to 32 V from dc power converter or 12 or 24 V solar panel (10 W)
Power Consumption @ 12 Vdc - 1.5 mA (sleep), 5 mA (1 Hz scan with one analog measurement), 23 mA (active processor always on), 32 mA (CR310 Ethernet idle), 51mA (CR310 Ethernet active)
Output - One Switched 12 V Terminal (SW12V) for powering sensors or communication devices, 1100 mA @ 20°C;
Two Sensor Excitation or Continuous 0.15 to 5 V Terminal (VX1, VX2) for sensor excitation or output control
Analog Input Terminals - Analog Functions - (SE1 - SE6) allow 6 single-ended or 3 differential inputs with -100 to +2500 mV and ±34 mV ranges 24 bit ADC; 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 20 mA inputs (SE1, SE2 only).
Digital I/O functions (SE1 - SE4) consist of 3.3 V logic levels for high frequency counter (35 kHz), pulse width modulation, interrupts and timer input and period average (200 kHz, amplitude dependent).
Pulse Counting Terminals P_SW: Switch closure (150 Hz), High frequency counter (35 kHz)
P_LL: Low level ac (20 kHz), High frequency counter (20 kHz)
Control Terminals - (C1, C2): C terminals are software configurable for digital functions. Digital I/O functions consist of 5 V output and 3.3 V input logic levels for: SDI-12, high frequency counter (3 kHz), switch closure (150 Hz), general status/control, voltage source 5 V: 10 mA @ 3.5 V, interrupts and serial asynchronous communication Tx/Rx pair.
Analog Accuracy - ±(0.04% of reading ±6 μV), 0° to 40°C
Effective Resolution - 0.23 μV (±34 mV range, differential measurement, input reversal, 50/60 Hz fN1)
Weight - DL-300: 242 g (0.53 lb)
DL-300-WIFI/RF407/RF412/RF422/CELL200: 249.5 g (0.55 lb)
DL-310: 288 g (0.64 lb)
DL-310-WIFI/RF407/RF412/RF422/CELL200: 306 g (0.68 lb)
Dimensions - DL-300: 13.97 x 7.62 x 4.56 cm (5.5 x 3.0 x 1.8 in)
DL-310: 16.26 x 7.62 x 5.68 cm (6.4 x 3.0 x 2.2 in)
Operating Temperature Range - -40° to +70°C