PowerProbe 5,000 ft-lb Auger Drive Head

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Hydraulic Auger Drive Heads
The auger drive head gives the PowerProbe™ more versatility with hollow and solid stem augering capabilities for easier subsurface penetration.

• AMS offers four different auger drive heads, all of which are permanently plumbed, and feature forward and reverse rotations.
• The hydraulic mast provides lateral and horizontal movement for easy alignment of hollowstem augers.
• The 2,400, 3,400 and 5,000 ft-lb auger drive heads are 2-speed and offer low auger torque at high speed and high auger torque at low speed.
• Concrete coring tools available

Standard on Powerprobe rigs

Rotational Torque
High Speed – 2,500 ft-lb (3390 nm) @ 150 rpm
Low Speed – 5,000 ft-lb (6779 nm) @ 55 rpm

Ordering Information:
5,000 ft-lb Auger Drive Head

Weight 500 kg
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