PowerProbe Stainless Steel Vapor Implants

PowerProbe Stainless Steel soil vapor implants are long-term monitoring devices

Soil vapor implants are long-term monitoring devices allowing for multiple sampling events. Implants are miniature vapor wells in the vadose zone typically constructed of a pointed tip or screen with tubing run to the surface. The borehole annular space is sealed to prevent ambient air breakthrough.

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• Long-Term Soil Gas Monitoring
• UST Monitoring
• Groundwater Sampling
• Air Sparging
• Pressure Measurement Points in Vacuum Testing
• Vapor Extraction Monitoring

Soil Gas Samplers
Soil gas samplers are used during soil gas surveys and/or active soil gas investigations to discover information about soil and groundwater contamination, primarily volatile organic contaminant (VOC) levels. The ability to detect elevated VOC levels in soil gasses allows investigators to pinpoint locations for future soil and groundwater sampling.

• Provide valuable data on the distribution and concentration of VOC’s in soil and groundwater
• Rapidly collect the sample at specific depths
• Penetrate to sampling point quickly
• Easy to use and easily adapts to existing tooling
• Inexpensive survey tool for sample collection from shallow depth well to beyond 50 feet below ground surface (bgs)
• Use in a wide variety of methods
• Use telescopically through AMS hollowstem augers and dual tube sampling systems

Monitoring Soil Gas
AMS PowerProbes can be used to install soil gas monitoring systems, including soil gas monitoring wells, around underground storage tanks or as part of an ongoing remediation efforts. Soil gas monitoring systems are used for long-term soil gas monitoring and repeated sampling of volatile contaminants in the vadose zone. They act as an active method for soil gas retrieval which can be used in all phases of a soil gas investigation. Soil gas monitoring wells are not recommended for obtaining screening-level analytical data for soil gas surveying.

Advantages include:
• Placed through bore after rods have been driven to depth
• Designed to fit a wide array of tubing materials and sizes
• Can be set at any depth attainable by a direct push or other drill rig
• Convenient and inexpensive devices for both long-term soil gas monitoring, air sparging, and groundwater sampling
• 0.0057 (0.15mm) pore screen size
• For use with 1 1/4″ and 1 5/8″ installation kits

Long-Term Implant
Installation Procedure
Implants for long-term soil gas monitoring can be installed either with the single tube or telescopic direct push procedures. Once the direct push tooling used to install the implant is pushed to the chosen depth, the implant is then placed through the tooling. The tooling is retracted and the implant is isolated at the chosen depth, and then completed similar to a procedure that would be used to install a groundwater monitoring well.

• Stainless steel universal barbed fitting accepts tubing ID sizes 3/16″, 1/4″, and 1/2″
• Solid end to allow for anchor point and open-hole placement
• Implants are constructed of double woven stainless steel wire screen
• All end fittings are stainless steel. Custom lengths available!

Weight 500 kg
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