PowerProbe 1 5/8″ Heavy-Duty Mako Injection Tooling

PowerProbe 1 5/8″ Heavy-Duty Mako Injection Tooling was designed for granular lithologies

The injection of remediation compounds or remedial solutions has rapidly become a widely accepted approach for addressing contaminated sites. AMS injection tooling may be used with a wide variety of remedial injection compounds, as well as standard bentonite based grout mixes. The tooling may also be adapted to any injection pump system. Include the back-flow prevention check valve to eliminate back-flow or back pressure problems while injecting into the formation.

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Advanced Design!

Mako Injection Tooling Ideal for abandoning or completing a well. Remediate subsurface soil and/or groundwater contaminants with the Mako injection direct push tool. This versatile tool was designed for granular lithologies.

• Advanced design
• Inject while pulling up (bottom-up) or pushing down (top-to-bottom)
• Usable with a wide variety of remedial solutions
• Highly effective in coarse and granular soils, open boreholes, and sands

Features include:

• Ability to inject a variety of remedial solutions
• Adaptable to any injection pump
• Use of the interchangeable and versatile tips, injection adapter, and extensions with other AMS direct push tooling
• Optional injection check ball adapter prevents back flow
• Various tip options available for multiple injection purposes, including injection into sand, gravel, silt, and clay aquifers

Remediation Applications:

Contaminated soil is remediated by injecting a suitable remediation compound into the material. The remediation compound is injected into the contaminated soil through an injection tip. The remediation compound may be adjusted to adapt to varying site conditions and contaminants.

• Select the horizontal injection tool for tight lithologies. It may be used while pushing or pulling the tool string.
• Choose the retractable injection tool for swelling lithologies.
• The Mako injection tool is designed for use in coarse soils and open boreholes.
• The expendable tip injection tooling is designed for bottom up injection or grouting. Inject while pulling the tooling from total depth to surface in a loose or coarse lithology. The tip remains at the bottom of the hole.

Ordering Information:
55233 1 5/8″ Advanced Mako Injection Tip Complete
(top adapter, Mako shaft, bottom adaptor, solid screw on tip)

Weight 500 kg
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