PowerProbe 2 3/8″ G3 Piston Sampling System

Piston Sampling for flowing/heaving sands, swelling clays and soils below groundwater

Piston sampling systems allow for sampling of soils in difficult and saturated conditions –flowing/heaving sands, expanding clays, and soils below a water table. Piston samplers do not replace dual tube sampling, however, it is a reliable and effective option where dual tube sampling is not possible due to depth, below groundwater, or difficult lithologies. The centre rod and tip will displace the caving soils and the tip will keep the caving soils from entering the sampler, preventing premature sample collection and minimising the chance for cross-contamination. While the sole use of the piston sampler can be time consuming, when it is used in conjunction with the AMS dual tube system, can be very efficient for difficult lithologies and is ideal for sampling below groundwater and in caving soils. The design employs a basket retainer in the drive tip so that an optional core catcher may be used to prevent sample losses in fine/sandy soils.

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• Sample through caving soil.
• Eliminate pre-probing with use of Dual Tube System.
• Recover samples consistently.
• Variety of sample sizes available.

G3 features:

• Thicker design
• Endure more push/hammer and pull back power
• Minimise chance of liner failure

Piston Sampling Application:

• The piston sampler is direct pushed using the dual tube system to the desired depth where sampling is to begin. (Step 1)

• Once at the desired sampling depth, the internal direct push extension(s) attached to the inner drive tip is removed. (Step 2)

• Next, an additional external direct push extension, the same length of the piston sampler, is added. (Step 3)

• At this point the sampler is pushed, and the sample is collected. (Step 4)

• Finally, the piston sampler is removed from the boring and the sample is retrieved. (Step 5)

Additional sampling intervals at greater depths can be retrieved using the same boring. There is no chance of losing the centre rod, and any caving/slumping that has occurred will not fill the piston sampler’s liner. Any material that prematurely enters the sampler and liner, when removing the internal components, is pushed out above the liner when the liner is filled from the desired sample interval.

Ordering Information:

5684.08 G3 Piston Sampler Kit, 2’ x 1 1/2″ complete
5684.10 G3 Piston Sampler Kit, 4’ x 1 1/2″ complete
5684.09 G3 Piston Sampler Kit, 5’ x 1 1/2″ complete

Weight 500 kg
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