Tisch Canister Sampler

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Tisch Environmental Canister samplers are used to for the collection of ambient air that is stored in stainless steel canister for later analysis of VOCs.  The canister sampler uses a PLC to turn the device on to allow a preset amount of air to be pumped into the stainless steel collection canister.  Tisch Environmental offers a single canister sampler, and three canister sampler, and a carbonyl sampler.


  • 12VDC Stainless steel pump with Teflon diaphragm.
  • Stainless steel tubing and gauges.
  • Robust touch screen PLC
TE-123 Single Channel Canister Sampler
TE-323 Three Channel Canister Sampler
TE-423 3 Channel Carbonyl Sampler





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