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SentryRAE with PID

The SentryRAE Steel is the first “lunchbox”-sized, portable, pumped monitor to combine a PID (Photoionisation Detector) and standard four gas confined space monitor (O2, LEL, and two toxic gas sensors) in one product that can run over 24 hours on either rechargeable Lithium-ion or alkaline batteries. The SentryRAE Steel detector is designed for use in circumstances where it is advantageous for the customer to leave the detector in a central location and provide monitoring information for a group of workers. The extra-bright, cluster LED alarm-light, large display, and very loud audible alarm convey readings and alarm state information over a substantially wider area than typical personal portable detectors.

Area safety monitoring at its best.

Key Features:

• O2, LEL, PID and any two plug-in “smart” toxic sensors: CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, PH3

• 0-2,000 ppm measurement of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with 0.1 ppm resolution

• Measure more chemicals than with any other PID
With over 60 Correction Factors built into the SentryRAE memory and the largest printed list of Correction Factors in the world (300+),RAE Systems offers the ability to accurately measure more ionisable chemicals than any other PID!

• User friendly
Easy to use for simple applications and flexible enough for sophisticated options

• Drop-in battery
When work schedules require putting in more than the 36 hours supplied by the advanced Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, the drop-in alkaline pack supplied with every SentryRAE lets you finish the job.

• Strong, built-in sampling pump
Draws up to 100 feet (30 meters) horizontally or vertically. External filter and automatic low flow alarm protect the SentryRAE from damage.

• Large keys operable even with 3 layers of gloves

• Big, easy-to-read display with back-light

• Store up to 80 hours of data
Data collected at one minute interval from all 5 sensors for download to PC with the datalogging option.

• Loud audible alarm and extra-bright light
Alarm varies for different alarm conditions

• Rugged, weather-resistant housing

• HazMat and Emergency Response
• Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
• Confined Space Entry
• Power Plants
• Pulp and Paper Industry
• Plant and Mill Turnarounds
• Marine and Offshore Wells