Series 500 – Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Series 500 enables accurate real-time surveying of common indoor air pollutants, all in an ultra portable handheld indoor air quality monitor. Data is stored on board the Series 500 with a maximum 8,188 records available. To download the data a USB cable is supplied for connection to PC. Free PC software provided with the Series 500 takes the data and presents it in a chart or table view. Data can be downloaded and viewed in Excel.

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The monitor can also operate in control mode. Upper and lower control limits can be easily set directly on the display. Using the 0-5V output the Series 500 can be used to switch on or off an externally connected device, such as an ozone generator, or system in the presence of a predetermined level of gas. By selecting the optional wall-mount bracket and plugging in mains power the Series 500 is effectively able to act as a fixed monitor as well as a handheld portable device.

Other features on the Series 500 include monitor ID and location ID. Monitor ID identifies the monitor uniquely and ensures that all data from it are tied to that monitor. Location ID can be used to tag measurements to a specific location which is helpful when sampling at a number of sites over the course of a day or week.

For those wanting to recalibrate on site the Series 500 allows adjustment of zero and span. Together with the R42 Calibration Accessory and appropriate gas cylinders this function allows the sensor head to be fully recalibrated without having to return it to the factory. Alternatively the sensor head can be returned to Aeroqual for a factory calibration which includes a renewed calibration certificate.


  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Checking air pollution “hot spots”
  • Educational tool for schools
  • Community air pollution monitoring
  • Validating air quality models
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Personal exposure monitoring

Ordering Information

Series 500 Monitor 

Sensor options 

PM10 & PM2.5

Ammonia Sensor 0-1000ppm

Ammonia Sensor 0-100ppm

Carbon Dioxide Sensor 0-2000ppm

Carbon Dioxide Sensor 0-5000ppm

Carbon Monoxide Sensor 0-1000ppm

Carbon Monoxide Sensor 0-100ppm

Carbon Monoxide Sensor 0-25ppm

Chlorine Sensor 0-10ppm

Formaldehyde Sensor 0-10ppm

Hydrogen Sensor 0-5000ppm

Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor 0-100ppm

Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor 0-10ppm

Methane Sensor 0-10000ppm

Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor 0-1ppm

Non Methane Hydrocarbons 0-25

Ozone Sensor 0-10ppm

Ozone Sensor 0-0.5ppm

Ozone Sensor 0-0.15ppm

Ozone Sensor 0-0.05ppm

Particulate Matter Sensor PM10 / PM2.5

Perchloroethylene Sensor 0-200ppm

PID Sensor 0-2000ppm

PID Sensor 0-30ppm

Sulfur Dioxide Sensor 0-100ppm

Sulfur Dioxide Sensor 0-10ppm

VOC Sensor 0-500ppm

VOC Sensor 0-25ppm



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