The EAGLE and EAGLE 2 have been two of the most popular monitors for decades, but due to the discontinuation of critical components, both instruments are no longer available. Replacement parts for the EAGLE and EAGLE 2, including sensors and filters, will continue to be available for many years.
The GX-6000GX-8000, and SC-8000 models are excellent alternatives to the EAGLE and EAGLE 2, especially for standard 4-gas and single gas toxic versions.
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The EAGLE’s ergonomic design offers easy access to controls such as auto calibration, alarm silence, demand zero, peak hold and a wide variety of other features. Each channel has 2 alarm levels plus TWA and STEL alarms for toxic channels. Alarm levels are adjustable and can be latching or self resetting.

• Simultaneous detection of up to 6 different gases

• Wide variety of field proven gas sensors available

• IR Sensors available for CO2 , % LEL CH4 , and 0-100% volume CH4

• Transformer testing version available

• PPM / LEL hydrocarbon detection

• Powerful long-life pump with125′ range

• Low flow pump shut off and alarm

• Methane elimination switch for environmental use

• Security Adjustment Lockout Switch

• Up to 30 hours of continuous operation

• Alkaline or Ni-Cad capability

• Ergonomic RFI/EMI/Chemical resistant case

• Datalogging option

• Auto calibration

• Intrinsically safe design, CSA/NRTL & UL Classified

Many accessories such as long hoses, special probes, datalogging, continuous operation adapters, remote alarms and strobes, dilution fittings, internal hydrophobic filter, etc, are available to help satisfy almost any application. Rugged, weather resistant, easy to operate and maintain, the EAGLE is the industry’s answer to portable gas detection in many applications, including land survey.

The EAGLE can be provided with up to 6 gas sensors (4 Toxics maximum). Please specify gas combination when ordering.

Special Features
• Low Flow alarm shuts pump off to avoid damage to instrument.
• Hydrophobic filter disc in probe.
• Internal dust filter (or optional internal hydrophobic filter).
• Quick auto calibration using 4 in 1 calibration gas standard.
• Single gas calibration capability.
• Methane elimination switch for environmental applications.
• “Adjustment Lockout Switch” for added security.
• Confirmation beep (silence-able).
• Back-light, automatic for alarms and by demand with adjustable time.
• Meets EPA Method 21 protocol for fugitive emissions testing.
• Land surveyor (land survey equipment).

Ordering Information:

72-5201RK-11 EAGLE for LEL & PPM / O2, with internal dilution for LEL
72-5201RK-IR EAGLE for LEL Methane (IR) / O2
72-5238RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM (catalytic) /% volume CH4 (infrared)
72-5201RKT EAGLE for LEL & PPM / O2 with teflon hose for heavy hydrocarbons
72-5201RK-TT EAGLE for LEL & PPM / O2, tank testing version, includes float probe assembly and dilution fitting
72-5268RK EAGLE for HC % LEL / 30% volume (IR autoranging)/ O2
72-5245RK EAGLE for CH4 (100% LEL / 100% volume (IR autoranging) / O2
72-5245RK-05 EAGLE for CH4 (100% volume IR) / O2
72-5279RK EAGLE for CH4 % LEL / % volume (IR) autoranging) / NH3
72-5273RK EAGLE for CH4 % LEL / % volume (IR) autoranging) / H2S (0 – 1.0 ppm)
72-5290RK-XX EAGLE for CH4 (100% LEL / 100% volume (IR) auto-ranging) / CO2 (specify CO2 range)

72-5201RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / O2
72-5202RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / CO
72-5203RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / H2S
72-5263RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / H2S (0 – 1.0 ppm)
72-5254RK EAGLE for LEL (IR) / H2S 0-30 ppm (with ES-237-H2S sensor)
72-5278RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / CO (0 – 300 ppm) (H2 compensated CO sensor)
72-5243RK-XX EAGLE for LEL & PPM / CO2 (specify CO2 range)
72-5246RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / F2, (no probe)
72-5251RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / O3 (no probe)
72-5260RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / PH3
72-5210RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / NH3
72-5261RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / HF
72-5262RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / AsH3 (0 – 1.0 ppm)
72-5296RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / Cl2
72-5297RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / Cl2 (0 – 1.5 ppm), for use with HF, (no probe)
72-5298RK EAGLE for LEL & PPM / Diborane (B2H6)

72-5204RK EAGLE for O2 / CO
72-5205RK EAGLE for O2 / H2S
72-5206RK EAGLE for O2 / B2H6
72-5220RK EAGLE for O2 / Cl2
72-5270RK EAGLE for O2 / O3, no probe
72-5271RK EAGLE for O2 / ClO2 (0-1 ppm)
72-5289RK EAGLE for O2 / H2S (0 – 1000 ppm)
72-5287RK EAGLE for O2 / Hydrazine (N2H4) 0 – 5 ppm
72-5259RK EAGLE for O2 / NH3
72-5255RK EAGLE for O2 / HCl
72-5231RK EAGLE for O2 / NO
72-5214RK EAGLE for O2 / PH3, 0 – 1.00 ppm
72-5222RK-XX EAGLE for O2 / CO2 (specify CO2 range)
72-5214RK-20 EAGLE for O2 / PH3, 0 – 20.0 ppm, for fumigation use

72-5218RK EAGLE for HCl / SiH4
72-5208RK EAGLE for HCl / PH3 (with HCl filter)
72-5240RK EAGLE for HCl / NH3
72-5258RK EAGLE for HCl / NO (with G92 filter)
72-5242RK EAGLE for HCl / NO2
72-5266RK EAGLE for HCl / Cl2
72-5241RK EAGLE for HCl / AsH3 0 – 1.00 ppm (with HCl scrubber)
72-5241RKS EAGLE for HCl / AsH3 0 – 0.200 ppm (with HCl scrubber)

72-5201RK-TR1 EAGLE for H2 (0-5%)/ O2, for transformer gas testing, with sample bag & dilution fitting
72-5201RK-TRB EAGLE for H2 (0-5%)/ O2, for transformer gas testing, with 2 pumps

72-5295RK EAGLE for H2S (0 – 30 ppm) / NH3
72-5277RK EAGLE for H2S (0 – 30 ppm) / CO (0 – 150 ppm)
72-5235RK EAGLE for H2S / CO
72-5237RK EAGLE for H2S / SO2 (with H2S scrubber)
72-5249RK EAGLE for H2S / NH3
72-5265RK-XX EAGLE for H2S / CO2 (specify CO2 range)

72-5256RK EAGLE for NH3 / O3 (no probe)
72-5272RK EAGLE for NH3 / SO2 (with ES-238-SO2 sensor, 0 – 6 ppm)
72-5257RKS EAGLE for NH3 / AsH3
72-5212RK EAGLE for NH3 / SiH4
72-5215RK EAGLE for NH3 / PH3

72-5209RK EAGLE for CO / Cl2
72-5248RK EAGLE for CO / PH3
72-5225RK-XX EAGLE for CO / CO2 (specify CO2 range)

72-5211RK EAGLE for Cl2 / NH3
72-5213RK EAGLE for Cl2 / SiH4
72-5276RK EAGLE for CL2 / PH3 with internal G-92 filter

72-5264RK EAGLE for HF / NO (no probe), with G-92 filter
72-5230RK EAGLE for HF / SiH4 (no probe)
72-5232RK EAGLE for HF / HCN (no probe)
72-5250RK EAGLE for HF / HBr (no probe)
72-5294RK EAGLE for HF / NO2 (no probe)

72-5291RK EAGLE for SO2 (with ES-238-SO2 sensor, 0 – 6 ppm) / HCN
72-5292RK EAGLE for SO2 (with ES-23E-SO2 sensor, 0 – 30 ppm) / HCN
72-5229RK EAGLE for SO2 / Cl2 (E3-23AH-D-CL2)
72-5244RK EAGLE for SO2 / NO2
72-5226RK-XX EAGLE for SO2 / CO2 (specify CO2 range)

72-5269RK EAGLE for O3 / NO2 (no probe)
72-5233RK EAGLE for O3 / HCl (no probe)
72-5253RK EAGLE for O3 / NO (no probe)
72-5252RK-XX EAGLE for O3 / CO2 (specify CO2 range)

72-5228RK EAGLE for NO / NO2
72-5267RK-XX EAGLE for NO / CO2 (specify CO2 range)
72-5288RK EAGLE for NO2 / HCN

72-5219RK EAGLE for HBr / HCl, (HBr sensor also responds to HCl)
72-5274RK EAGLE for HBr / Cl2
72-5293RK EAGLE for F2 / HBr, (no probe)
72-5299RK EAGLE for Fluorine (F2) / Silane (SiH4), with G-92 filter and (no probe)
72-5275RK-XX EAGLE for AsH3 / CO2 (specify CO2 range)
72-5227RKS EAGLE for AsH3 0 – 0.200 ppm / HF (no probe)
72-5236RK EAGLE for HCN / NH3
72-5247RK EAGLE for Hydrogen Iodide (HI) / Iodine (I2)
72-5223RK-XX EAGLE for CO2 / NH3 (specify CO2 range)







Weight 5 kg
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